Adding a Railcar to Inventory

TrainTraxx Procedure for entering tags/cars into inventory v1.0

1. Goto the TrainTraxx website and select “TrainTraxx Application” from the “Traxx Inventory” Tab pull down menu and sign in with your username and password.

2. Select an unused Tag.
3. Place the Tag on the railcar in the appropriate location, (see the TrainTraxx User Guide).
4. Go to the “Editor” tab and select “Inventory” under User Menu.

5. Select +New, a pop-up screen will appear, input the Railroad name and car
# Example: Union Pacific_2018. Select “OK” or “APPLY AND ADD NEW” (for another input).

6. Select the “Live Activity” tab and select “Show Live Activity” and scan the car into inventory – NOTE: This step will show the CAR: (ID: #) (#) use this number as the Tag ID.

7. Go to the “Editor” tab and select “Tags“, look under the “Name” column and note the CAR: (ID:#).

8. Move the cursor over to the “Inventory Name” column and double click mouse inside the Inventory name box, from the pull down menu, select the railcar that will be associated with the scanned Tag (from step #5)P.

9. Go back to “Live Activity“, “Show Live Activity” and the railcar name and number should display in the “Inventory Item” column.