There are three ways to add inventory into the TrainTraxx system:

  1. Entering manually through the Inventory menu.
  2. Uploading inventory from a spreadsheet.
  3. Entering data through the Activity menu.

In this document we will cover entering inventory manually through the Inventory menu.

  1. The default Menu when entering the TrainTraxx application will always be “Activity”.  From this menu select “Views“, “Inventory“.
  2. Go to and select the “Add Record“, a new row will appear below to input data from the inventory item.
  3. The Inventory fields across the top allows the user to input in the boxes below the data from the inventory items.

As information is added for each new record a full listing of your inventory is being generated.  These new listing can be printed out in an excel spreadsheet, allowing the user to have a hard copy of inventory items.