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Model Railroad Train Operations

TrainTraxx has developed a very robust next generation Model Railroad train operation software. Our platform being fully automated, integrates the hardware components with the operational software.


TraxxTraxx allows the model railroader to automate train operations by using RFID technology. RFID readers and NFC tags are used to identify locations of layout rolling stock in the various city, sidings and industries.

Identification can be added to all types of rolling stock.

Sticking an ID tag onto your trucks that cannot be seen when rolling stock is on layout. Tag will only come off if you pull it off and is reusable.

The reader will be placed underneath the tracks.

Can be camouflage with track ballast or scenery.
If you can install track on your layout you can install Traxx ID. Very simple and comes with a step-by-step manual for installation and pre-configured components.
Components can be powered by the accessories 12vdc power bus underneath your layout. All installation materials and power supplies are provided with the RFID component package, with the exception of your bus wire.

Decoder Installaition & Sales

TrainTraxx also specialize in Digital Sound decoder Installations with a guarantee of a 2 week turnaround on all installs or installation is free of charge.

We put an emphasis on ESU LokSound and QSI installations and sales.

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We are here to Help. Please Contact us for any questions. Our friendly team of professionals are eager and ready to help.  We respond to all messages within 24 hours.