What are the system requirements?
TrainTraxx platform is a cloud based service and requires internet access and a current web browser.
How much does your platform cost?
Starter kits can be found in our online store.
How long does it take to typically receive my hardware?
Shipments within the US are typically delivered in 2 to 3 business days.
How much does your software cost?
The TrainTraxx product is composed of an online Inventory service, Local Gateway software and device firmware.   The membership for this service is currently $5/mo USD.
Does the online service work without the hardware?
The online service can provide inventory. Advanced features such as tracking and operational integration with JMRI require the TrainTraxx hardware.
What is the minimum amount of hardware required?
Please contact us as this may be dependent on your layout.
Do you ship to other countries?
Can the hardware be utilized for other purposes?
Yes, but we recommend visiting our Electronics parts to buy what you need. Please contact us if you need recommendations.
How do you attach the tags?
The tags have an adhesive back and are affixed to the trucks or bottom of the car.
What scales does your platform work on?
G, O, HO, HON3, and N. If you have any further questions please reach contact us
Does your platform work with JMRI?
Yes, JMRI integration was introduced 11/2019.
Can I import my existing inventory?
Yes, our system imports from comma separated values (CSV) and allows for field mapping and new field creation.
Once imported how can I get my data out?
We offer a simple and configurable interface to quickly export your data to a comma separated values (CSV) file that is usable by may commercially available programs like Excel and Access.
How is the reader and WiFi module powered?
We have 2 options:

  1. Power from a 12V to 5V DC converter using the 12V power bus on your existing layout.
  2. Multiport USB Power Adapters can be used through standard AC
Can your platform be used outdoors?
Please contact us for additional information, as we can create a environmentally hardened system to support various conditions.
How far can the Raspberry Pi Access Point be from the layout?
There are a lot of environmental factors that impact the range of WiFi. We have options to extend the range of the wireless and create wireless to wireless bridges. Please contact us for more information.
What is the reading distance on the tags?
This depends on the tags and readers being used. Our existing configurations are between 1 and 3 centimeters. There are options to improve range and performance.
How many locations are supported?
Currently 250 locations per raspberry Pi. The platform can be extended by adding additional Raspberry Pi gateways.  This requires the wifi module service URL to point to a single Raspberry Pi.
Does the platform require the online service?
Since 11/2019 we offer an offline operation mode after the Inventory has been downloaded to the device.
What other benefits do I get from the online service?
Our online service provides:

  1. Access any time, any where, from any device
  2. Nightly backups
  3. No software installs
  4. Frequent software updates and new capabilities
Can I use my existing home access point instead of the Raspberry Pi Access Point?
Technically yes, but utilizing a separate gateway allows the number of network devices to not impact your home network and isolates the traffic. Each kit is shipped preconfigured for the Raspberry Pi Access Point to make it simple to install and configure. Localized versions may be provided by sending out new bootable micro SD cards.  Integration with JMRI, real-time activity and device lifecycle management would not be available.
Can I buy tags somewhere else to use with the system?
The hardware itself can support tags purchased elsewhere, however if you want to utilize the online services the tags are loaded, tested and associated with the member.
Can the hardware platform work with other systems?
It is possible, our modules send JSON encoded information over a configurable REST based endpoint. Preconfigured versions of the WiFi module are available.
NOTE: The online service is not required to use this, however capabilities of tag read recovery and multiple read validation would not available.
Please contact us if you are interested in integrating our hardware in your solution.
Does the platform work with things other than model railroads?
Yes, please contact us if you are interested in integrating our hardware in your solution.
Other near and long range RFID and BLE solutions are also provided through our parent company HiveID.

* Currently not available.