Traxx Inventory

Traxx Inventory allows the model railroader to keep a complete inventory of all locomotives and rolling stock in their collection.  Here are some of the unique features of our inventory app:

  • Customizable to input unlimited fields i.e. wheel size, empty load weight, load weight, road-name, color, number, date of purchase, cost and much more
  • Access your inventory from any location, at any time of the day or night,  as long as you have access to the Internet or cell phone
  • Import your existing train inventory into Traxx online inventory
  • Share and access friends’ and family members’ inventory in real-time
  • Using Traxx Inventory with TraxxID hardware, watch your locomotive and railcars appear online as they pass over RFID readers

TrainTraxx Beta software for Inventory  Management is complete.  However we are enhancing the features daily and improving the look and feel.  The Beta version works best when used with the TraxxID Tags.  Tags can be found at our Online Store.

If your are interested in the beta version please contact us and we will send you a link for registration.