Welcome to TrainTraxx – Enabler of Realistic Model Railroad Operations
A HiveID Company, Provider of Inventory and Tracking Solutions

The TrainTraxx platform is a model railroading solution for inventory management and enables realistic model railroad operations through the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking. We provide affordable hardware and software solutions for the passionate hobbyist to take their hobby to the next level.

TrainTraxx has built a platform that uses our RFID hardware and our application software to integrate with model railroad operation interfaces such as JMRI.  We take these interfaces and create realistic version of railroad dispatching, switching and operations.

Our application can be used from small to very large model railroad layouts.  If your layout is in the design phase or not fully operational, the TrainTraxx application enable virtual operations.


TrainTraxx is proud to announce the completion of the initial release of our integration with JMRI.  Some features and functionalities are listed and displayed in the links below:

The new upgrade will provide our members future updates to RFID hardware and software through a web interface.


Announcing our new integrated WiFi/RfID module. Substantially reduces the wires and time to install on your layout!

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