Creating Inventory Images

Uploading Inventory Images

Before beginning this section, the following items must be completed:

  • Inventory uploaded or entered for all items that will be used with images, in the Inventory application (for help, see “Adding Railcar to Inventory” or “Export/Import” document)
  • Images of Locos/Railcars that will be used for the inventory images to be uploaded
  • Identify on your PC or laptop the directory/location of images that will be uploaded
  1. Select “Editor” and then select “Inventory Image Upload”.
  2. Select the + New; a display will appear with selection fields.
  3. A pull-down menu will be appear as shown below. Select the railcar or locomotive that will be corresponding to the image to be uploaded.
  4. Select “Field” and the pull-down menu will appear, select “GLOBAL/main_image”
  5. This step you will be selecting the picture to upload. Go to “SELECT FILE”.
  6. After “SELECT FILE” selected, the screen below will appear. Go through the steps to download railcar picture.
  7. After going through the downloading process, the image will appear as shown below. Select “OK” if you are finishing adding images for this session or select “APPLY AND ADD NEW”, if you would now like to add another image (repeat steps 1-7).
  8. Your image will now appear in your Inventory Image Upload files as shown below.