TrainTraxx Procedure for Entering Tags/Cars into Inventory – v2

Before starting this process, be sure that the Raspberry Pi is connected to your home router and you understand the methods for scanning tags into your system (click here for the scanning configuration document).

To access the TrainTraxx application you must first get a username and password assigned, once that has been done go to the Login tab from the TrainTraxx website.  Select the “Login” menu at the top of the screen and Input your username and password as instructed.

You will be taken back to the site.  Highlight “My Account” menu at the top of the screen and select “TrainTraxx Application”.  You will be taken to the application where you can input your inventory and begin to see your live activity.

  1. TrainTraxx application will take the user to the screen below.

  • You are now ready to scan your first tag.  As the tag is scanned you will get the results as seen below.

  • Associate/assign the tag scanned with the car/locomotive “Inventory Name” and “Car Type” as shown below. Double click in the inventory item box and input the inventory item and car type.

  • The tag information can be validated by selecting the pencil in the box by inventory item.

  • An image of the inventory item can replace the TrainTraxx logo but first an image need to be imported from the user files by going to “Tools“, “Upload Media” and “Select Images“. Note the picture to be downloaded can be no larger than 2.5M.

  • As pictures are uploaded into the system, they are now available to be assigned to the inventory item. Select “Inventory Image” from drop down menu