TraxxID Starter Kit


TraxxID starter kit allows the Model Railroader to get started in a BIG way, running operations on their model railroad layout.  It provides all of the hardware required to track real-time 100 railcars at 12 industries or sidings.   Coupled with our Traxx Operations  (sold separately) and Traxx Inventory (free) software, this platform takes the Model Railroader to the next level of fun and automation.

The starter kit includes:

1- Raspberry Pi – Pre-configured for node aggregation and sending inventory and operational data to online hosting service.

1 – Raspberry Pi power supply.

1 – Raspberry Pi case.

100 – NFC Tags – Placed at the bottom of each railcar-trucks.  Contains all of the pre-stored data of the model railroad railcar.

12 – MFRC522 RFID Read/Writer – Reads the railcar data from the attached tag.

12 – 8266 WiFi interface – Sends car data and location to Raspberry Pi aggregator.

12 – 12V DC to 5V DC  converters – Powers the Readers and WiFi interfaces using the layout accessory power bus.

1 – MFRC522 installation template – Used to outline the placement of the reader.

1 – Set of installation instructions – Makes installing the devices on your layout as easy as installing a switch and setting it up.

1 – Bag of screws and spacers



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